DSpace Customization - DSquare Technologies (India)

Information Technology (IT) is no more an alien term for most of organizations and many organizations has in house IT team who are capable of deploying and maintaining IT infrastructure of organization.Today, many organizations have in house capability of installing vanilla DSpace platform. However, many requirements of organizations are required to be addressed through code level customization of DSpace.

DSquare Technologies, India have team of expert business analyst and software developers who understand DSpace platform and Digital repository world. We help organizations in customizing DSpace for meeting their requirements, which cannot be satisfied by vanilla DSpace platform. Customizations consist of:

 Developing need based new features on top of vanilla DSpace solution.
 Integrating DSpace with other applications within and outside organization.
 Changing look and feel of DSpace.
 Enhanced content security.
 Making DSpace a more user friendly solution for business user by providing more and more functionalities through User Interface e.g. Data Backup and Restore using web based module.