DSpace Implementation - DSquare Technologies (India)

DSquare Technologies, India has a pool of professionals, who specialize in all aspects DSpace implementation. At DSquare Technologies, we consider ECM / Digital Content Management as a practice rather than a software solution. Basis this school of thoughts and globally acceptable best practices, we propose following activities during DSpace's implementation:

 Understanding current scenario, creating Future Business State and Business Requirements.
 Analyzing Business Requirements and checking fitment of DSpace basis business requirements.
 Determining need of customization in DSpace and use of Add On Modules developed by DSquare Technologies.
 Customization of DSpace and testing custom code.
 User Acceptance Test (UAT).
 Implementing DSpace at Client’s infrastructure / Cloud.
 Stabilizing Solution.
 User and Administration Training.
 Solution handover to users.
 Delivering personalized documentation / manuals as per need of your organization.

DSquare Technologies, India specializes in customization and implementation of DSpace and it also has knowledge of various verticals. Based on combination of various industry verticals and DSpace software platform, we can provide following solutions / services on top of DSpace:

 E-Books/Document Management via DSpace.
 Institutional Repository via DSpace.
 Museum Management Solutions via DSpace
 Dissertation-Theses Management via DSpace
 Govt. Resolutions Management Solution via DSpace
 RTI Solution (Right to Information Act Solution) via DSpace
 Court Case Management Solutions via DSpace
 And many more vertical oriented solutions

What you gain by selecting DSquare Technologies, India for DSpace Open Source Solution implementation:

  1. Well experienced pool of professionals ensuring shorter implementation cycle.
  2. We ensure that globally acceptable best practices are adopted while implementing solution.
  3. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
  4. Expert skill set enabling implementation across multiple platforms i.e. Linux, Windows, Ubuntu etc..
  5. Overcoming limitation of core DSpace platform using Add On Modules created by DSquare Technologies.
  6. Delivery of need based value added features.
  7. Personalized documentation as per requirements of organization. Documentation consist of Manuals, details of customization and other documentation required for running and maintaining solution in future.
  8. Ownership of source code along with customizations done for your organization.

We are here to serve you.