Our Story

DSquare Technologies, India is an innovative organization, providing service & solutions for optimizing your business and we love what we do. We are based out of India. Our Goal is to Create work that is honest, Solutions that are exploratory, educational and inspirational. Creative that is conceptually interesting and visually stunning. We design with the belief that process and collaboration should be as exciting and fun as the end result. At DSquare Technologies, we believe that Enterprise Content Management and Process Automation are enabling activities for bringing efficiencies in any organization and it’s difficult to have in house expertise on such subjects.

DSquare Technologies is available to partner with you for creating solution as per your requirements. We propose our services in modular form which enable your organization to select required modules of service / solution of DSquare Technologies. This consist of

  1. Consulting for capturing and analyzing business requirements
  2. Creating solution
  3. Customizing and implementing solution basis business requirements
    • Primarily using open source technologies for creating better return on investment
    • Providing Modular solution consisting of customization of core DSpace Digital Repository
    • Dynamic flip book viewer working on flash and HTML 5 technology
    • Data back and restore solution for DSpace
    • Content Capture and indexing solution for DSpace
  4. Providing services like documents digitization, image compression and long term content archiving through microfilming
  5. Optimizing existing Digital repositories and making it more usable
  6. Providing consultancy on process automation and selecting adequate solution as per requirements