Working at the intersection of computer science and business science we connect business needs with technical solutions

Utilizing its vast experience, our team has developed proven methodologies and acquired highly developed business and technical knowledge that enables us to deliver successful projects within any phase of the ECM/BPM lifecycle.

Our approach is to understand the big picture, and provide a foundation that is sustainable for the long term. We are pragmatic and agile, favoring speed to market and client enablement for continuous future success.

We help clients meet their objectives by combining technical experience with strategic leadership. Before we build anything, we invest time in understanding how your business works-how you sell your service or product, what your customers want and what your long term objectives are, while also identifying the problems in getting there - basis these we co-develop a strategy and delivery roadmap to help you meet your objectives.

We help companies meet the evolving challenge of today’s information management environments, leveraging our specialization in taxonomy, metadata, and information architecture.  Working with a combination of in-house and partner resources, we provide all elements of a solution, and ensure that you achieve targeted business results.

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